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The format of a custom PhD thesis is comparable to that of a formal research dissertation or study report. However, the former requires more extensive research and evaluation for every aspect of the topic chosen for the thesis.

A well-executed PhD thesis begins with the submission of a written proposal to the advisor. The duration of the PhD proposal may vary based on the ranking of details required by your advisor or the subject lines covered in the proposal. Now comes the proposal’s substance, in terms of what essential elements it must contain.

The fundamental aspect of the PhD proposal would be the formulation of the research query. This is the starting point for completing your research study in a timely manner. Frequently, the researcher will conduct preliminary research in order to determine the direction of his/her study and how he will shape and establish the necessary facts and figures to substantiate his point.

After your research proposal has been approved, you must now move on to the second phase of writing your PhD thesis. The first chapter is devoted to the topic’s introduction. Here, you defend the reasons for choosing and pursuing a particular research topic. In the introductory chapter of a PhD thesis, the researcher is expected to discuss previous work in the same field and justify his topic in terms of his research statement and anticipated results.

The second chapter consists of a literature review, in which you briefly recapitulate the works of other authors on the same topic. These works must be of high quality, as they should be founded on articles from reputable journals and books. Although, the literature review chapter does not explicitly relate to the PhD thesis’s actual work. However, it clarifies for the researcher the direction he should take while conducting his research study.

The third chapter contains a comprehensive discussion of the research query that comprises the PhD thesis. It would also include ‘Statement of the Problem’, ‘Creation of Essential Question’, and ‘Hypothesis & Predictions’. In addition to a precise statement of his research question, this chapter provides a brief overview of the study and evaluation the researcher is endeavoring to complete.

The fourth chapter of the dissertation discusses in depth the methodology employed in the dissertation’s research study. This chapter varies significantly from thesis to thesis based on whether it is a scientific technique, a comparative analysis, a regression analysis, or the application of some other academic analytical technique, etc. In general, this chapter would include the variables utilized in the study along with their definitions and explanations. Also, it would explain in detail if any of the variables discussed were created by the author for the study, as this would necessitate justification on the derivation or theory behind its creation.

The fifth chapter examines the study conducted thus far and discusses the results obtained through the application of the particular methodology.

The following chapter will discuss the results in detail and evaluate them based on either previous references or by providing some justification at the author’s discretion. This chapter also addresses the study’s limitations. It refers to the factors that the study did not consider or incorporate. Aside from that, the limitations section could include specifics that the author’s research was unable to simultaneously address due to the data set and variable specifications.

The second-to-last chapter would contain the critical analysis, which would emphasize the research study’s omissions and then discuss the areas that warrant further investigation.

The final chapter is always the concluding chapter, which summarizes the study’s findings, discussions, and authors’ reflections and interpretations.

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